Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is there such a thing as a 2-sided Crock Pot?

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My husband and I eat completely opposite (meat & potatoes v. Vegetarian). I usually end up cooking 2 meals, such a pain. I have been thinking a crock pot might help some nights. Has anyone heard of a 2-sided or split crock pot? I have a "double-dipper" that I haven't ever used, but I don't think that would get hot enough to actually cook food. I believe it's only meant to warm dips and sauces? So short of buying 2 crock pots, anyone have any ideas?
Sick of spending hours in the kitchen!

I was reading about those double dippers. From what I understand it's a slow cooker just like a crock pot. I'd try it out. But there are dual crock pots out there. I found one on Bonanza, for $90.00. It's called a Duo-Slow Cook Server

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